Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hayden loved the Chronicles of Narnia series. As young lads, Gunnar and Hayden lived the adventures along with Lucy and her siblings. Hayden loved to inform people about a little bit of trivia regarding the author, "His name is Clive Staples Lewis, but his friend call him Jack."

The prolific writer, CS Lewis penned a short devotional entitled "No Insurances Against heartbreak." It seems innate in humans to avoid pain. As I walk this path of grief, it seems like a "knee jerk" response to try and protect myself from further pain--what strategy can I employ to assure that my heart won't hurt anymoreThe heart of CS Lewis' essay addresses this dilemma. He writes, "If you do not want heartbreak, do not love anything--not even an animal." He continues, "Wrap yourself in hobbies and luxuries." CS Lewis sums up such a life choice as a self inflicted hell of the worst type.
I remember these words on the hardest of days. The days, where, like Job, my bones hurt from the pain of loss. They remind me that, even though the path of grief is difficult, the alternative is more difficult and tragic. To try and protect myself is a costly and hollow response to grief. As I work through the labyrinth of emotions that contain some dark places I would rather not know about. None-the--less, it is part of the deal, the price of love is to at some point to know pain.