Friday, July 16, 2010

Best Friends

I thought about Gunnar and Hayden's friendship this week. They were devoted to each other. Each approached life differently. Gunnar preferred the "take the bull by the horns." approach while Hayden employed, "Let's negotiate." tactic They were devoted to each other. Gunnar, A highly kinetic individual, enter into Hayden's sedentary world of cancer. They manage to blend the two in a way that left me in awe at times. Part of Hayden's cancer treatment involved receiving daily shots, mind he is four at the time--not excited about needles. He wanted to be brave but ...So big six year old brother step up, "I'll give myself a shot too, Hayden." And he did. The memory makes me smile and cry. There is such a beauty when one person chooses to enter another's pain. At many levels, we are solitary beings, meaning we are unique and experience life on a unique level. That's the beauty of relationship, entering into another's world. I watched my six year old blend his world with Hayden's. For example, there was a period when Gunnar like football and would choreograph his own football games, complete with a sports announcer. Hayden wanted to play football too. He was fragile, his double lumen line was in place and a significant portion of his skull missing, so participating in a high contact sport like football may not be in his best interest. So what solution did Gunnar and Hayden come up with so that both could play football?--- Slow motion football---brilliant!! Together, My boy's forged a beautiful friendship despite hardship. Their beauty inspires me daily--Thank you G and H!


  1. The first week I met Gunnar I knew all about Hayden, Hayden's struggles, their friendship, and how much Gunnar loved him. I could tell how present Hayden was in Gunnar's life, he even told me he planned to leave the best man position open at his wedding in honor of Hayden. His love for Hayden was inspiring and truly what God intended brotherly love to be. I love you Kathleen, thank you for sharing this.


  2. I love these stories about your two precious boys. And the pictures are great to see as well. I've never met you, nor your family, but your stories are so vivid and touching and their love for each other comes through very strongly in the photos too. I am not sure if I have ever heard of a more empathic individual than Gunnar. Thank you for sharing your family's stories with us. They truly are inspiring. ~Cassandra