Sunday, March 25, 2012


It was a beautiful day today in Washington. The kind us Washingtonians wait for all winter long. I went out in my small eclectic garden to see which perennials might be emerging. I shifted some pots containing tulips and daffodils. I moved them where they will have longer sun exposure with the hope that they will bloom sooner. As I enjoyed my time a thought about grief and healing---as I often do.  Like my little garden---healing happens in increments. There is no rushing healing. Time does not heal. Time grows what people allow to grow internally. Like the perennials in the garden the growth is imperceptible until spring. I say this knowing some may disagree, and that’s OK. My experience has taught me and is still teaching me to be deliberate on a daily basis as I walk the precarious path of grief. Some days all I know is I miss my sons sometimes, it is difficult to know what to do, where to put my energies and resources. Choosing the right. I stumble often. I get up regroup knowing something healing will transpire. Something beautiful will emerge. I have become comfortable with the words, “I don’t know and living with an uncertain future.  I took this photo today of my favorite peony---in a few months it will produce the most beautiful coral flowers. I will remember to take a photo. 

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