Monday, March 19, 2012


 I cleaned off the dock where I live and noticed a few lily pads beginning to grow under the water. By mid June, the small lake will be covered with blooming lily pads. Lilies have enjoyed a long history of symbolism. To many they represent renewal and resurrection, which is fitting with the celebration of Easter approaching. For me I like the way lilies grow. While their beauty sits on the surface of the water, the roots are connected to the mud. In Buddhism, the emphasis is on enlightenment with the beauty rising through and connected to the mud. Grief keeps me connected to the mud. As I have said many times, grief gives me seeing eyes. whether I am looking at a sunset or the snow falling, I seem to experience life with more intensity; more appreciation for the moments--each moment.

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  1. Gratitude and Buddhist teachings have been strong lights on my path, as well. Love to you, my friend.